Membership Incentive

While the chapter encourages members to pay their annual dues we do not want to turn away members solely for monetary reasons.  A member has the opportunity, should he or she choose, to earn their annual dues by documenting their involvement throughout the calendar year.  The individual is able to earn points for each event or function they participate in.  When a member has earned 100 points total, their membership dues are waived.  These events/positions are to be recorded by the individual seeking to wave their dues.  The record will then be reviewed by the Board at the end of the calendar year.

Meeting = 10 point

Chair Event =20 points

Active Board Position = 30 points

CP telethon= 5 points

New Dublin= 5 points

Easter Egg Hunt =5 points

Fireworks = 10 points 

Christmas shopping phase A = 5 points

Christmas shopping phase B = 10 points

Convention / State event =10 points

Miscellaneous Event = 5 to 10 points (depending on event)

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